The Rotary Club of Shanghai announces its 2nd Leadership Awards – Dec 14, 2011

[Shanghai, 14 December 2011] The Rotary Club of Shanghai is proud to announce its 2nd annual ‘Rotary Gala Dinner’ to honor and showcase outstanding individuals and programs that are making notable socially responsible achievements both in the city of Shanghai and throughout China.

The 2012 awards will have two categories: a ‘program’ category for corporate and nonprofit organizations whose programs or projects exemplify extraordinary managerial and innovative excellence; have a high commitment to socially responsible activities, and represent notable models that encourage other individuals and organizations to be active in the community; and an ‘individual’ category for single individuals who have initiated fine community works; projects and programs which, over time, have had a positive impact in the local community.

Judging will be by a panel of experienced CSR practitioners from around the world that work in a variety of industries. The judges will evaluate all eligible applications and the winners will be announced at the Rotary Gala Dinner to be held the 1st April at Shanghai Hilton Hotel. Winners will receive funds specifically for use in their projects throughout the year 2012.

Last years winners include the nonprofit organizations Xintu Center for Community Health Promotion for the ’New Citizen Life Center’ program, the Library Project for building libraries and the Shanghai Community International School for the ‘Education for all’ program, the corporate winning programs ‘Sustainable Bamboo Enterprise Program’ of Citi Bank, ‘Kraft Hope Kitchen’ project of Kraft Foods and ‘Living with HIV’ program of Standard Chartered Bank. The winners of the individual category were Corinne Hua – Founding Director of Stepping Stones, Candice Gu – MBA 2010 student at CEIBS, Du Chengfei – Director of Baoji Xinxing Aid For Street Kids, Bobbi Fisher – Director and Co-Founder of Giving Hand and Jonathan O’Brien – Shanghai Project Advisor at Habitat for Humanity.

Individuals, companies, and registered nonprofit organizations are welcome to apply before 10th February 2012 by following the application instructions on the Rotary Club of Shanghai website

For more information on the Rotary Leadership Awards please contact:

Katharina Erfort, cell: 158 2191-7347 at or

Sue Maguire, cell: 130 5208-2175 at


About The Rotary Club of Shanghai

The Rotary Club of Shanghai is extremely active in Chinain supporting various charitable and social projects. It has helped more than 320 children over the past 10 years via its project Gift of Life by paying for the patients’ heart surgeries after evaluating their health and financial needs.

Shanghai’s Rotary Club was first founded in 1919 as part of Rotary International which is the world’s largest voluntary organization with 1.2 million members and more than 34,000 clubs in 200 countries. It has no political or religious leanings and primarily relies on the financial donations and time of its members to implement community services programs throughout the world.

The Rotary Club of Shanghai always welcomes new members.

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