Welcome to our new members!

The Rotary Club of Shanghai is proud to annonce 3 new members. The RCS has now 71 members.

New members Tuesday Sept 8th

From left to right:

Aish Kasturia:
Joining Rotary has been a long term goal of mine. I am honoured to be allowed to join the Rotary Club Shanghai. Through joining this club, I hope to work closely with its members to serve and better the lives of under privileged individuals in china and other countries.

Danny Stoetzer:
I am happy to have become a member of the Rotary Shanghai Family – after first being introduced to Rotary some 20 years ago during an international student exchange which was organized by Rotary. I am honored to now being invited to provide humanitarian services and encourage more individuals to participate

Diana Russell:
When someone asks me where am I from, I have a hard time making it short. My last name’s origin, my two passports, the country where I grew up as a child, and both countries where I established myself as an adult are all different. But one thing was constant through our last 3 generations: the Rotary spirit, bonding one big international family. I am therefore very happy that modern technologies allowed my Rotarian father to attend my induction ceremony, and even to participate with a little speech, although he was at another side of the planet. I am also glad to formalize my commitment of passing on the “service above self” values seeded by my grand-father to future generations, within the Youth Committee.




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