Year in Review by Frank Yih

Dear Rotarian Friends,

I am looking back on a year full of challenges, achievements and regrets where we as a club could have done better.

My personal highlights:

I am happy and proud that the club works with standard procedures again and all programs, especially service programs, are alive and kicking. Special highlights for me were Youth Service and working closely with District leaders on the Rotary China expansion, increasing from 2 clubs to 7 (plus 2 applicant provisional clubs), 7 Fellowships in progress coming to a total of 9, with 7 more locations identified. If all comes true we will proudly have 23 clubs within one year (versus 32 clubs on July 1, 1951.)  Rotary is returning to China.

Another highlight certainly is the Service Committee, which has come back from the brink of disappearance  and is now composed of over 20 active members striving to make a difference.

Wonderful are the great strides with Interact and Rotaract. According to Youth Chair Moto we now have 3 Rotaract Clubs and 8 Interact Clubs.

We now have a district and can truly call ourselves leaders, connecting directly with Evanston, the RI President Gary even accepted our club’s honorary Member.

My Headaches:

This club has always been struggling with a low attendance rate. If we stick to the rules (50% attendance, inclusive max 20% makeups) half of the members have problems.

Different cultural backgrounds result in many voices. It can be a strength and provide us with international connections and new Ideas but can also slow down things.


Some Members changed to clubs nearer to home, some because of unhappiness with board decisions. I wish them good luck and smoother sailing.

I am delighted that, after having started this club originally in 1998 (with Randal Eastman) as ‘Expatriate Rotarians and Friends’  I now could serve as President a club which has been fully recognized by RI International and could oversee such a great expansion of Rotary activities in China.

It has been a pleasure of serving you, all.

Frank Yih

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